[Openswan Users] Issues with L2TPNS and Openswan on Fedora Core 4

Tim P panterafreak at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 12:12:16 CEST 2005

I am using L2TPNS for my L2TP server and when it brings up the tun0
interface (actually when I start the service/executable) it seems to
kill my second nic in the box.  I have eth0 as my "outside" nic and
eth1 as my "inside" nic.  When tun0 becomes active I am no longer able
to ping on the inside network.

My l2tpns startup-config is as follows:

set debug 3
set log_file "/var/log/l2tpns"
set pid_file "/var/run/l2tpns.pid"
set l2tp_secret "secret"
set primary_dns
set secondary_dns
set save_state yes
set primary_radius
set secondary_radius
set radius_accounting yes
set radius_secret "mysecret"
set bind_address
set throttle_speed 64
set accounting_dir "/var/run/l2tpns/acct"
set setuid 0
set dump_speed no
#load plugin "garden"
load plugin "throttlectl"
load plugin "autothrottle"
load plugin "snoopctl"
load plugin "autosnoop"

I am hosting freeradius on the vpn box, I can use correct?
Bind_address I have set to my eth1 (inside) nic address, is that correct?

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