[Openswan Users] Openswan to Freeswan : IPSec SA established but ping is not working

naveen kumar naveen_mamindla at yahoo.co.in
Mon Jul 18 09:26:28 CEST 2005

Hi all,

 I am successfully able to cross compile
openswan-2.3.0 for ARM linux-2.4 using
docs/cross-compile.html document.For cross compiling
We need gmp library and i had a problem with
openswan's strstr() function during cross
compilation.But by commenting that function in
openswan code, will take the kernels strstr() function
and with that every thing worked fine.

 But after that I had a strange problem during it's
working.I am trying to interoperate the openswan-2.3.0
on my box with a Linux PC running freeswan-2.00 in
it.When ever the IKE mainmode is initiated by the
openswan the IPSec SA got established and ping is
working fine and I am able to see the ESP packets.But
when freeswan is initiating IKE mainmode IPSec SA got
established but ping is failing.On the freeswan side,
it is not able to decrypt & properly calaculate the
authentication for the ping packets.From the freeswan
side if i see the /proc/net/ipsec_spi it was giving
the  auth_errs=xxx in the inbound SA field.

Can anybody please help me to solve this problem.

Thanks & Regards


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