[Openswan Users] Freeswan to Cisco Pix VPN accelerator acard

max max swsignup at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 15 09:47:23 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I got a Freeswan linux box and used to connect to
client VPN server. One day, the connection suddenly
broke and I restarted my frewswan linux box and
checked the /var/log/secure. I found that there is a

I did search in google. Basically, people said it is
about the ESP algorithm not match. 

config setup

conn net-to-net
    type              = tunnel
    auto              = start
    authby            = secret
    keyexchange       = ike
    auth              = esp
    esp               = 3des-md5-96
    pfs               = yes
    keyingtries       = %forever
    ikelifetime       = 28800s
    keylife           = 28800s
    failureshunt      = none 
    left              = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    leftsubnet        = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    leftnexthop       = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    right             = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    rightsubnet       = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    rightnexthop      = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Any help will be appreciated.Thx in advance.

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