[Openswan Users] Can't connect Win98 MSL2TP client toOpenSwanServer

Mark Cave-Ayland m.cave-ayland at webbased.co.uk
Tue Jul 5 13:46:54 CEST 2005

Hi Jacco,

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> Yes, the upgrade should be painless. The MSL2TP client has 
> some issues with Openswan-1, not really disconnecting IPsec SAs etc.

OK I will suggest an upgrade on the mailing lists :) I did get the Win98
client to work in the end, however when trying to reconnect I get messages
in the log file saying that the connection already exists - I guess this is
the symptom of this bug?

> Yes, I think you should change it. One of the reasons is that 
> you can issue certificate on an offline server. That's more 
> secure. Currently, your CA's private key is on that server.

Yup. I started again from scratch and created a new CA - I now use a
separate host key/certificate for the VPN gateway and it works fine.

> > I have another question too: as I've marked as a 
> > private network, what happens if a IPSec/L2TP client with a 
> internal 
> > address before NAT tries to connect? Will it 
> simply not 
> > be allowed to connect to the Openswan server?
> Good question. I'm positive that the connection won't work in 
> this case but I can't remember if the connection is actually 
> rejected by Openswan. I certainly hope so.

Hmmm OK. Thinking about this, I'm not sure I need the extra private subnets
listed since I believe I'm forcing all traffic to go over L2TP. If this is
the case, then if the roadwarrior's IP address get taken from the PPP
connection and not the ESP/NAT-T packets, then I should be fine if a
roadwarrior happens to get assigned an address behind a NAT router that
clashes with one of our internal IPs? Or have I missed something here?

Thanks again for your time,


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