[Openswan Users] Difference between l2tp and rp-l2tp

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Wed Jan 26 11:21:43 CET 2005

sasa wrote:

> .. therefore if I have undertood well (in my situation I have only one client) I can
> write:
> lns-pppd-opts "debug refuse-pap require-chap ...etc."
> ..and in this mode the client vpn it comes assigned the address ??
> and I don't have to use dhcp, radious or other ??

Yes, that's correct. (Except you should use because is your server and is the IP address assigned to the

Also make sure that the CHAP password is also restricted for use
by that IP address (in /etc/ppp/chap-secrets):

sasa * "yourpassword"

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