[Openswan Users] Difference between l2tp and rp-l2tp

sasa sasa at shoponweb.it
Wed Jan 26 00:34:57 CET 2005

"Jacco de Leeuw" wrote:

> The virtual IP addresses are actually assigned in the 'lns-pppd-opts' line:
> lns-pppd-opts "debug refuse-pap require-chap ...etc."
> This will work only with one particular client (should be OK for testing).
> When you decide that you do want to use multiple clients, you will need
> a plugin. You add this plugin and remove the static client IP address:
> lns-pppd-opts "debug refuse-pap require-chap plugin radius.so
> ...etc."

.. therefore if I have undertood well (in my situation I have only one client) I can

lns-pppd-opts "debug refuse-pap require-chap ...etc."

..and in this mode the client vpn it comes assigned the address ??
and I don't have to use dhcp, radious or other ??
if this is just I have solved the my problem !

> This is standard PPP stuff, so we are starting to get a little bit
> off-topic here.

..sorry, you have reason !! :-)


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