[Openswan Users] 2.3.0 has known issues

Gary W. Smith gary at primeexalia.com
Tue Jan 18 14:16:46 CET 2005

known issues seems to be a real vague listing...  :)  
I'm trying to toubleshoot a problem with one end of the tunnel freezing when large packets are being transmitted.  Unfortunately the remote terminal is in a telco closet with no monitor so I can't have my guy see if the entire machine is hung or if the network is the only think being affected.  
It happens happens on "ping -l 30000".  Tunnel keeps dying under load.  You can ping until your hearts content with normal ping and about 2 seconds after running the 30k the other end of the tunnel hangs.  We had been fighting a problem earlier where two servers had lost communication from each other.  
Is this one of those issues?
Gary Smith


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Hi guys,

This is just to let you know that we have found various serious problems
with 2.3.0 that cause many problems for tunnels and rekeying.

Please use 2.2.x until we release 2.3.1.

Sorry for the troubles,

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