[Openswan Users] Configuring IPSEC Tunnel on FC3 kernel 2.6

DurgaPrasad Adusumalli adusumallid at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 10:31:57 CET 2005

I am trying to configure and set up a IPSEC tunnel between two private
networks.  Both the gateways are installed with Fedora core 3 kernel
2.6, Openswan and IPSEC tools.

Left network        Left IPSEC Gateway     Right VPN Gateway   RightNetwork ------> -------> ------->
					IPSEC Tunnel

I have defined my own keys and it workes fine for host-to-host
configuration. When checked with the above scenario, all SA(Security
Associations) and Security Policy Database(SPDs) reflect the scenario
above. These are tested with setkey function
setkey -DP on both sides respectively. 
Checklists like ip forwarding, security associations, security
policies are tested and they are fine. When tried to test my setup
i.e. Ping from to and vice versa, it do not work and
I do not see any tunneling happening.

Can someone suggest me how should I go about it to get it working?.

Thanks in advance.
Durga Prasad.

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