[Openswan Users] Problem with Openswan with l2tp

Tommaso Di Donato el.dido at tiscali.it
Wed Feb 2 11:45:06 CET 2005

>> Mine is a prodution system, and it is very critical: don't you think this
>> I could make my system unstable (even if it will be very easy to undo
>> changes...)?
>You could ask on the l2tpd mailinglist (http://www.l2tpd.org/lists.html)
>what they think of the stability of Debian's l2tpd branch. Or ask the
>Debian maintainer directly: Jean-Francois Dive (jef at debian.org).

Thank you very much!
Just another question: you told that there is a 0.70 version...but I can't
find it (neither on your page, neither in www.l2tpd.org) .. Have you got
the link ?

Txs again!

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