[Openswan Users] Stops after "ISAKMP SA established"

Antony Gelberg antony at wayforth.co.uk
Thu Dec 15 10:41:17 CET 2005

Apologies for the top post but this Blackberry gives me no choice. Grr.

My mileage differs as you can see. There is little  information on the Internet about ipsec in XP Home. For the record, I am not referring to any built-in L2TP stuff. I am using Marcus Muller's client from http://vpn.ebootis.de with X.509.

Does this have any bearing on the statements in your post? Do you have or know of a working setup such as this, with XP Home?


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Antony Gelberg wrote:

> I'm guessing we need XP Pro for ipsec. I didn't know that.

That is not correct: Windows XP Home supports IPsec.

> I thought the only difference was domain logons.

XP Home also does not support incoming IPsec connections.
Pro supports one incoming connection at a time.

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