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Dominic dominic at multilink.co.za
Mon Apr 18 18:38:12 CEST 2005

Hi all,


I have recently switched from freeswan to openswan. I have created a
connection between 2 adsl dialups - everything seems to be working fine, but
there are a few funny results.


'/etc/rc.d/rc.ipsec status returns:
IPsec running
pluto pid ......
No tunnels up
'ipsec look' returns the following:
cat: /proc/net/ipsec_spigrp: No such file or directory
cat: /proc/net/ipsec_eroute: No such file or directory
egrep: /proc/net/ipsec_tncfg: No such file or directory
The tunnels are working correctly and the correct traffic is being routed.
Also, I see no ipsecx interface. I read that there is no ipsecx interface
with kernel 2.6 - is this correct, and if so, how do I see the ipsec routing
Thanks for your help.


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