[Openswan Users] I need your lights....

Frédéric Gonzatti fred99 at libertysurf.fr
Fri Sep 24 10:56:18 CEST 2004

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to configure a very simple vpn using openswan 2.1.4 from a WinXP 
roadwarrior to a Fedora Gateway (kernel 2.6.7).
My gateway has two cards :
WAN side : 62.160.X.X
LAN side :

I've followed the natecarlson help (www.natecarlson.com) but unfortunately I 
can't ping the card from WindowsXP. No logs from Windows XP 
connection when I enter ipsec barf command on my ipsec gateway.

What could be wrong in my configuration ? I just want to ping the LAN side 
interface of my gateway !
What do I have to verify ? (When I try to ping the LAN side of my gateway 
there is no logs from Windows on this gateway. It's like nothing appends)
Could you please show me ipsec.conf file which are working for this 
configuration ? (I think lots of people use this type of configuration).

NB: To test this configuration there is no Firewall on my gateway
	ipsec verify returns [OK]

Thanks a lot for your help


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