[Openswan Users] OpenS/WAN (dynamic IP) <-> FreeS/WAN

Vemcontact vemcontact at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 15 11:01:08 CET 2004

We have also been experiencing what we believe is the problem reported
by Itai Tavor on the list.  An Openswan roadwarrior configuration under
Fedora Core 1 and early Fedora Core 2 kernels connected properly to an
Astaro (Frees/wan-based) IPSEC gateway, but under later Fedora Core 2
kernels and Fedora Core 3, the connection no longer works.  The ISAKAMP
SA is established, but it is impossible to ping or otherwise contact the
remote gateway.

Like Itai, we have spent a great deal of time debugging this issue using
various Openswan-packaged RPMs, Fedora Project-packaged RPMs,
Strongswan, and Openswan built from CVS -- all to no avail.  Does anyone
have a functioning roadwarrior setup under Fedora Core 3?  If so, could
you post your ipsec.conf and updown scripts, and any other info needed
to get the connection working?
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