[Openswan Users] The story so far...

Faber Fedor faber at linuxnj.com
Wed Mar 24 09:15:04 CET 2004

You know, I'm beginning to think this whole Openswan project is a
conspiracy to make me look incompetent.  And it's working!

Since I couldn't get Openswan 2.x to work and since I thought (think?) I
need NAT, I installed the freeswan RPMs.  Couldn't get that to work (it
would start a connection, but never get past the first negotiations), so
after dorking around with things, I decided to compile from source.

So I d/led Openswan 1.0.2 and RTFMed.  Step 3 of the "How To Install" in
the README said "Compile a new kernel and make sure it works".  Did that.
It then said do a "make menugo && make minstall".  That compiltion failed (for
reasons I don't remember), so I Tried "The step by step way" (make
insert && make oldmod && make programs && make minstall). That worked.

So I do a "service ipsec start" and I Get an error message stating that
PF_KEYs algorithm was not found, please add in support ".  "Great,"
methinks, "I need to recompile the kernel again!".  

I do a "make menuconfig" and go into the IPSEC section and tell it to
compile all the modules.  I start the recompile.  The kernel compilation
now fails with 

page_alloc.c:1011: `smp_num_cpus' undeclared (first use in this
page_alloc.c:1011: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
page_alloc.c:1011: for each function it appears in.)

Keep in mind this is the same code that compiled flawlessly a few hours
before.  The only change was to include IPSEC modules which weren't
included before.

It's time to find a better way to do what I want...


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