[Openswan Users] Freeswan and Linksys BEFSX41 routers

Faber Fedor faber at linuxnj.com
Mon Mar 22 13:34:34 CET 2004

Hi gang,

I'm trying to set up Freeswan on a computer on the net (external static
IP and all that) to connect to another box sitting behind a Linksys
BEFSX41 router. The box is a Red Hat 8.0 running 2.4.18-14smp kernel
with freeswan-module and freeswan-userland version 2.05_2.4.18_14-0
(simply because it was easiest).  The Linksys box is running firmware
version 1.44.3.  I've successfully set up a tunnel between this router
and a similar one at home.

I *think* the FreeS/WAN is installed okay, but I can't
figure out how to configure the ipsec.conf file, specifically, where to
get the key values from the Linksys box.  Also, I have a "conn web" in
my ipsec.conf file, but when I do an "ipsec auto -up web"  I'm told
there is no connection caled "web".

I've googled and haven't found a HOWTO that goes into detail on this.
I've seen several messages that say how easy it is t o do, but none that
expxlains how to do it. Can anyone provide a pointer?



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