[Openswan Users] Best linux for openswan?

Amit Saxena saxena at students.iiit.net
Wed Mar 17 23:41:33 CET 2004

Hello all,

Can anybody tell me the IPSEC and NAT related things for redhat latest 
release, Fedora Core 2 (testing stage) ?

And what about the 2.4.25 kernel ? Can anybody let me know the rpm for 
that kernel and all needed openswan packages for that (for redhat 9.0) ?


On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom wrote:

> > do take note if you plan to also include NAT, use only Suse 8.1 or 8.2 instead of others. i read that from 
> >  http://www.suse.de/~garloff/linux/FreeSWAN/
> I am told (but haven't verified) that the latest Debian stock kernels
> include NAT-T patches for IPSec.
> Carl Soderstrom.

Have a nice day

Amit Saxena
M.Tech CS 2nd year

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