[Openswan Users] cannot respond to IPsec SA request because no connection is known for

Gregor Bethlen saphira at bethlen.de
Fri Jul 16 09:16:24 CEST 2004

Michael Schwartzkopff  schrieb am 15.07.04 12:48:45:
> Hi,
> nealry everything you need from opeswan is compiled into the Suse 9.1 kernel.
> Just install the default kernel and the freeswan package. No need to compile!

Close ;-)

I tried it, but got (very) reproducable errors. Pluto got a segmentation fault. Hints from mailinglist-archive: Upgrade to new version (since suse 9.1 includes 2.04, not 2.06 and problems with 2.04 seem to be reported). As freeswan doesn't get developed further and openswan is a codefork, I think there shouldn't be a problem.

By the way: Compiling openswan was very easy: tar -xvzf openswan-...; make programs. That's it.

I haven't fully understand the concept of openswan, but as I see, there is a kernel part and a "userland" part. Since kernel 2.6 has IPSec-support (I think), there's no need to "patch" the kernel. Just compile and install the userland-programs. Have I understand that right? Because you said "nealry everything you need from opeswan is compiled into the Suse 9.1 kernel". This would mean that there are kernel-patches to make for openswan.

I guess, I better read some more documentation ...



@Michael: Sorry for receiving this twice, but I forgot to send this to the mailing-list
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