[Openswan Users] multiple disjoint private subnets

Ken Bantoft ken at xelerance.com
Fri Jul 9 06:53:00 CEST 2004

On Fri, 9 Jul 2004, Tuomo Soini wrote:

> --[PinePGP]--------------------------------------------------[begin]--
> Herbert Xu wrote:
> | That's because updown doesn't set the source address or table when
> | the route is for  I don't see why that should be the case.
> | So how about this patch?
> Yep. That's known bug. I fixed it for openswan-1 advanced routing patch
> for about one month ago when I noticed it. There are other bugs in
> _updown.ip2 too like wrong behaviour when *nexthop is not set. Currently
> check for nexthop=remote case is missing. I think my patch for that is
> still sitting somewhere waiting?

Perhaps, as I haven't seen it yet (or at least lately... )


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