[Openswan Users] Connection going down on address change

Norbert Wegener nw at sbs.de
Fri Jan 16 14:34:08 CET 2004

using superfreeswan 1.99.8  on  both sides of  my vpn connection, I 
usually have no problems. My provider takes down the connection after 24 
hours. I can reconnect immediately and get another ipaddress. Sometimes 
my provider disconnects the client's DSL connection after two hours or 
so. In this case the server takes  the vpn connection down. The  server 
message file shows the following:
*received pfkey message
Jan 16 13:40:17 lnxek pluto[11764]: | pfkey_get: 
Jan 16 13:40:17 lnxek pluto[11764]: | pfkey_async: 
SADB_X_NAT_T_NEW_MAPPING len=12, errno=0, satype=3, seq=865, pid=0
Jan 16 13:40:17 lnxek pluto[11764]: | new klips mapping 
esp.da8e6ab4 at
Jan 16 13:40:17 lnxek pluto[11764]: "rfc1918-10"[71] 
#5115: nat_traversal_new_mapping: address change currently not supported 

Is there any way to avoid this situation?

Norbert Wegener

Norbert Wegener         Phone : (49) 201 2661 379
SBS Essen               Fax:    (49) 201 2661 377
Germany                 Mail:   nw at sbs.de
http://corina-cert.sbs.de (intranet)

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