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On Wed, 7 Jan 2004, John A. Sullivan III wrote:

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> Strange.
> Try this- visit the site (openswan.org) and enter 'befvp41' in the 
> search window and click "Search". For whatever reason it tries to 
> resolve 'www.freeswan.ca', and of course times out.
> Read the page source and sure enough the search engine is trying to find 
> freeswan.ca:
> <form name=search METHOD=GET
> ACTION="http://www.freeswan.ca/cgi-bin/s.cgi">
> I doubt that was intentional, right?

Yes, actually, it was.  I run both sites, so I pointed the search engine
to the other for the transition, which I'm sort-of in the middle of.  
Long story, suitable for beverage consumption and much asperin on my part.  
I'll fix it over the next few days.

Afaik, www.freeswan.ca is still online, at least until the end of January 
when I take it offline.  There will be ANNOUNCE's around that too, so 
don't worry.  And the docs I've written will transition over to the 
Openswan site.

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