[Openswan Users] Looking for windows XP client

Bernd Bartmann Bernd.Bartmann at sohanet.de
Thu Feb 26 19:48:38 CET 2004

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Paul Wouters schrieb:
| On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, David Prestwich wrote:
|>We've had great success using openswan for all our vpn connections and
|>would like to get some input on good windows based clients such as SSH
|>Sentinel (if they still are around) etc.
| The native client is actually pretty good these days. It even does NAT
| traversal. Why are you thinking of another client? If using Win2000/XP,
| I can't really see any reason why to look for other clients.

There is one major problem with the Win2000/XP internal IPSEC client.
You need admin rights if you want to change the IPSEC rules. This is
needed every time you dial into the internet and get a new dynamic IP
address. In most corporate environments it is strictly forbidden that
the users have local admin rights on their machines.

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