[Openswan Users] Conn road not function

sasa sasa at shoponweb.it
Wed Dec 29 20:58:59 CET 2004

"sasa" wrote:

>I have modified the rules firewall and now I don't have a previous problem ! but now ..
>Dec 29 18:28:40 fw l2tpd[1352]: network_thread: tossing read packet, error = Bad file descriptor (9).  Closing >call.
>Dec 29 18:28:40 fw l2tpd[1352]: call_close: Call 2974 to disconnected
>Dec 29 18:28:41 fw l2tpd[1352]: write_packet: Bad file descriptor(9)

..now it's ok !, I had mistaken the parameter on client vpn connection (chap required).
I am sorry for my disturbance.

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