[Openswan Users] Bug sort of found with PSK (maybe)

Marc Spiegelman marc at itu.net
Mon Aug 16 23:09:27 CEST 2004

Either I'm a complete bozo (very possible) or I just got my PSK
roadwarrior config working by adding an echo statement to the _updown
script.  I don't understand the reason behind it but I was getting...

Nov 11 00:13:40 debian pluto[2748]: "road-warrior" #14: up-client
command exited with status 1

in my auth.log after entering quickmode.  My Softremote client reported
the vpn was up but 'ipsec look' did not report spi's.  I narrowed the
problem down to the _updown script and added an 'echo "end"' to the
bottom of this file to see where this echo occurred in relationship to
above error.  When I retried the VPN to generate the error the
connection worked.  I have no skills in shell scripting so I am unable
to look into this issue much further but when I removed the echo
statement the connection fails again and when I re-add it everything

So, am I a complete bozo or did I find a bug?

Either way, can someone please give me some advice.  I would prefer a
better fix to my problems than this.

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