[Openswan Users] Open Source Developer Contest - Assistance Request ( Openswan 2.x )

Ted Kaczmarek tedkaz at optonline.net
Mon Aug 16 21:08:18 CEST 2004

On Mon, 2004-08-16 at 16:10 +0200, wrote:
> Quoting Ted Kaczmarek <tedkaz at optonline.net>:
> > The maintainers are not allowed to enter a contest in relation to
> > that/their own project.
> Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but from what I gather from the original email,
> everyone is allowed to port the selected software projects to PPC64, and submit
> it to _the official maintainers_ (i.e. the openswan developers) to judge the
> quality of the code in some contest like fashion. It doesn't exclude the
> openswan maintainers from doing the port themselves, they just don't get to
> submit it into the contest :-) I see no obligation for the maintainers to accept
> any submission into their mainstream code, nor do I see anything that remotely
> looks like the below statement. It looks like IBM is just trying to create a
> little buzz to promote PPC64 by putting some incentive on porting software over
> to that platform. I think the very shortest way to find out is to ask the person
> who approached you.
> On a side note, who *is* the "official maintainer" for openswan anyway? From
> what I understood that'd be the Xelerance people, i.e. Ken, Michael and Paul. Is
> there an "official maintainer" anyway? Or are we talking about "official
> maintainer" from a distribution point of view, and if so, which? Maybe something
> to ask that IBM guy too, while you're at it.
> > Sure, we want OpenSource to work with OUR hardware, but we won't let it
> > benefit other hardware users.
> Again, I don't see that anywhere. Maybe my english isn't that good, and I'm
> missing nuances, but from where I'm sitting this seems fairly innocent to me.
> IBM wants software for their platform, and someone came up with this idea.
> Whether or not it is a _good_ idea is a second one, I agree with Paul on that.
> At any rate, given the amount of platforms openswan already works on, including
> 64 bits platforms, I'd say the code is portable. Could be an easy win for
> someone :-)
> BTW, what's the prize? I could use a dual G5...
> Regards,
> Ferdinand O. Tempel
> Your friendly neighborhood linuxops.net administrator.

They should have just offered up hardware as a donation for the benefit
of the project as an incentive to get the optimizations they want. They
ask for support from the maintainer than deny them the opportunity for
financial gain.


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