[Openswan Users] Checkpoint connection problems

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Sun Aug 15 23:53:53 CEST 2004

On Sun, 15 Aug 2004, Brent Foster wrote:

> connection to a Checkpoint FW1 box and the tunnel works fine, except
> that it will stop working
> after a few hours.  Sometimes it will auto-recover, sometimes I have to
> -down and -up the 
> tunnel.  In all cases OpenSwan thinks the tunnel is up and will route
> traffic across the ipsec0 interface.

>         keylife=8h

Try setting the keylife to 1h. That will force Openswan to rekey before
the Checkpoint gets into its (I guess buggy) state. If it works, can you
send a message back to the list so we can update our Wiki?

I am not sure what happened to the october 2003 archive, it only starts from
december 2003. Perhaps we moved servers and lost the archive at that point.


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