[Openswan Users] Open Source Developer Contest - Assistance Request ( Openswan 2.x )

Robert MacFarlan Robert_MacFarlan at us.ibm.com
Thu Aug 12 21:50:18 CEST 2004


IBM is very interested in seeing an optimized port of Openswan 2.x to
LinuxPPC64 being available.  We're considering running a promotion to
reward both the development of new applications and ports of existing
projects like Openswan 2.x to LinuxPPC64.

We're keen to operate in the spirit of the Linux/Open Source community and
so want to defer to the maintainers of the various applications we've
identified to judge the suitability of the port and to ensure the port was
done in an acceptable manner.

We plan to work with a contest vendor and publish a list of applications
that we'd like to see optimized, ported or written for LinuxPPC64.  Our
hope is this initiative will help more developers become familiar with
working on LinuxPPC64, add some key applications to the overall "roster" of
those available for LinuxPPC and, perhaps most importantly, ensure other
developers and users have access to applications like Openswan 2.x if
they're running on PPC hardware.

So with that preamble, I understand you are the maintainer for Openswan 2.x
and as such I'm wondering if we can enlist your support in this process! :)

The process should, we hope, be pretty straight forward.  A list of
applications and their maintainers (including you and Openswan 2.x ) will
be created along with a list of entrants for each application.  If you
receive a PPC64 port of Openswan 2.x we'd ask you to compare the details of
the submitter with those that have entered in the contest.  (All this will
be via a website that we'll give you access to)  If you accept the port
we'd ask that you notify the contest team - an email to an address to be
provided later is all that is required.

To keep the playing field fair maintainers identified with a particular
project won't be eligible to enter the contest in relation to that/their
own project.  Obviously you're welcome to work on others in the contest if
you so wish though!

If you'd be interested in assisting with this effort please let me know and
I can follow up with some more information.

All of this of course is subject to the published rules and regulations of
the contest which will be published very shortly on the web.

Kind Regards,

Robert MacFarlan
ISV Global Solutions Enablement


Robert MacFarlan
ISV Global Solutions Enablement
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