[Openswan Users] Please, please help! WinXP Roadwarrior won't connect! (logs included)

Gregor Bethlen saphira at bethlen.de
Fri Aug 13 17:00:26 CEST 2004

Hello Karim.

> >When you have just one ca: try "automatically select storage" when you
> >import the certificates via the management console. This may not work
> >when you use sub-cas.
> I have already done that every time I included the p12 file.

Ehm, you said before you have tried it the way I described. But on that way I meant to select to storage manually. So try to import the whole p12-file once to your personal storage and once to the trusted root storage. Delete the personal cert in the trusted root storage and delete the ca cert in the personal storage.

This is the last thing I can offer you. Don't try to cut and past the certificates. Delete them and import them twice (once personal, once trusted root).

Sorry I can't help you further. It might be possible that you need to apply a patch from windowsupdate (I don't know, my computer was patched, so maybe it is not necessary).

Wish you all the best,

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