[Openswan Users] Error 789

Walker Aumann walkera at ofb.net
Thu Aug 5 15:57:16 CEST 2004


First off, I have looked at the available documentation.  I am not
trying to use certificates (yet), IPSEC Services are running (set to
Automatic), and there are no Terminal Servers involved.

I have a WinXP Home box with SP2 installed.  When I try to make an L2TP
vpn connection, I get error 789 immediately.  Checking with tcpdump, no
packets are going out when I attempt the connection.  Switching to a
PPTP connection will at least send three packets, but that's not much of
a help.

Windows Update is only showing one available recommended update
(KB837272).  All critical updates have been installed and no driver
updates are listed.

One other piece of information that may be related: If I delete the VPN,
Windows Update works as expected.  When I have a VPN connection listed
in "Network Connections", even when disconnected, Windows Update thinks
I am offline and need to "Connect" to access the page.  This happens
whether or not "Use default gateway on remote network" is checked.  Of
course, while it is complaining that I need to connect, I am still able
to ping various hosts on the internet, surf the web, or whatever else I
care to do.

Anyone seen something like this before?  Any pointers?


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