[Openswan Users] Re: Some questions

Frédéric Gonzatti fred99 at libertysurf.fr
Tue Aug 3 17:43:16 CEST 2004

Ok thanks Nate,

So if I'm understanding what you said, I've nothing to do and this is normal 
My configuration is correct ?

1/In your old tutorial you said :
"Edit the .key file, and delete everything down from the line starting with 
'-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----'. After you do this, the file should 
start with '-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----', and end with '-----END RSA 

Not with Openswan 2.1.4 right ?

2/ I don't know if you remember me ( an annoying guy with lots of problems) 
 Few weeks ago I tried to configure an ipsec gateway but my gateway was behind 
a router. I've tried nat-t patch but unfortunately it didn't work at all.
So now I ask my ISP for a new public IP for my gateway.
Now it looks like this :

router with public ip (Same WAN and LAN side 62.160.X.X/ 
--------------Ipsec gateway with public IP : 62.160.X.Y/ 
(default gateway 62.160.X.X/255/255.255.248)

Do you think now I've a chance to make it works with Windows clients ?

3/ Is conn packet default, conn block etc... are still working with openswan 
2.1.4 ? 



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