[Openswan Users] Unresolved vsnprintf symbol for 2.2 kernel module ipsec.0 (openswan 1.0.6)

Albert Siersema appie at friendly.net
Mon Aug 2 09:41:18 CEST 2004

Hello Ken 'n all,

 > Backport vsnprintf() from 2.4 into 2.2 (I think mcp, the 2.2 maintainer 
has done this already?)

After severe puzzling, head scratching, googling and ksyms-ing
I finally decided to add "EXPORT_SYMBOLS(_vsnprintf)" to kernel/ksyms.c to 
get ipsec.o loading.

A bit weird tho, I also had to change include/linux/byteorder/swab.h
to make __fswab32 static instead of extern.
Otherwise compiling of openswan would fail.

Hasn't there been any testing on the 2.2 version for openswan 1.0.6 tree ?


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