[Openswan Users] Two tunnels

Diederick van Dijk diedvdyk at van-dijk.net
Sun Aug 1 15:36:30 CEST 2004


I want to create two tunnels from my laptop. One to my home server to protect 
my wireless connection and one to the server at work. I've configured and 
tested both tunnels.  Running one at a time works. But now I've problems with 
running the two tunnels at the same time. 
The tunnel to my work only have to tunnel 10.x network traffic, but the tunnel 
to my home network has to tunnel all the traffic ( off course. So the 
basic idea was to fire up the "home" tunnel and then build to "work tunnel" 
on top of it. This doesn't work. The "work tunnel" doesn't negociate at all.  
Questions are : 

- Is such a tunnel in tunnel setup possible ?
- Are there alternatives ?

If needed I'm happy to provide configs, logs etc.



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