[Openswan Users] Can't reach hosts behind my VPN-Gateway

Sebastian Albrecht albrecht at irf.de
Mon Apr 19 13:46:10 CEST 2004

> So you see encrypted packets coming in on eth1, but no packets being 
> forwarded out eth0?

Exactly. When pinging, everything is fine. Here is some dumping:
tcpdump listening on eth1
10:57:38.385568 > ESP(spi=0xa2f9c139,seq=0x25)
10:57:38.385822 > ESP(spi=0x45d783ed,seq=0x19)
tcpdump listening on ipsec1
10:57:38.385568 > icmp: echo request
10:57:38.385721 > icmp: echo reply

When pinging the other gateway's IP:
tcpdump listening on eth1
10:57:31.631723 arp who-has tell
tcpdump listening on eth0

You see, no traffic on eth0.

Maybe i have a problem similar to the one in

regards, Sebastian.

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