[Openswan dev] First pass README update

Harald Jenny harald at a-little-linux-box.at
Thu Oct 14 13:42:12 EDT 2010

On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 01:26:29PM -0400, Paul Wouters wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Oct 2010, Harald Jenny wrote:
> >>Yes it would be. The only two commands in perl are policy (for mast)
> >>and verify. I'd prefer python for both of them. They could be done
> >>with shell scripting, but in our experience, most embedded systems are
> >>using fairly broken/limited awk/sed/sh versions and usually miss auxiliary
> >>commands (dirname, id, etc) to work properly. So these commands tend to not
> >>work on embedded systems anyway.
> >
> >Hmmmm but wouldn't this be desirable to improve openswan for such systems?
> embedded people often make the wrong decisions on limiting busybox functionality.

That for sure depends on the point of view ;-).

> We do have some workarounds for missing options to "test" and missing dirname and
> some others. But modifying the awk stuff is harder. We're working on facing it out,
> since most of it now happens via "ipsec addconn --configsetup" but we're not there
> yet.

Btw: I peaked into the init script but missed to find the points you mentioned
concerning improving the init process...

> The real fix for those systems is to use posix compliant,  slightly larger versions
> of regex,sed,awk etc. Space gained from not having "id" or "dirname" is really meaningless.

Hmmm on the other hand I guess not many apps really need it?

> Paul

Kind regards

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