[Openswan dev] nss/nspr4 warning and PLUTO_SENDS_VENDORID vs HAVE_LIBNSS

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Sun Jan 3 13:25:53 EST 2010

On Sat, 2 Jan 2010, Elio Maldonado Batiz wrote:

> Paul, Avesh,
> Regarding the compile error I had the same problem and know the cause,
> see below

> The problem is with the NSPR header not with openswan.
> Openswan uses the -Wstrict-prototypes flag (and -Werror) but the header
> faulty.
> In prlink.h the offending lines are line 52
>     void (*fp)();                     -----------------> should use
> (void)
> and line 221
> typedef void (*PRFuncPtr)(); -----------------> should use (void)
> In the meantime the attached works around it by patch relaxing prototype
> enforcement in the makefiles for rsasignkey and shhowhostkey.

Thanks. I've merged in your patch, and we'll remove it again once nspr
is fixed.

> I'll submit this work-around for fedora openswan
> and log a bug and send a patch for nspr.

If you have a url/bug number for us for the nspr, please let us know so
we can reference it.



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