[Openswan dev] Embedded Openswan

Thomás tgrande at pd3.com.br
Fri Sep 4 15:20:18 EDT 2009


I've been working in porting the Openswan to an Embedded platform
running Linux 2.6.29. On SuperfreeSWAN, I used the starter program
to load KLIPS, check configuration, invoke and monitor pluto, etc. 

On Openswan 2.6.22, a lot of starter code seems to be inside
libipsecconf but there is still some code that is missing (e.g. pluto
invokation as in starter_start_pluto()).

My doubt relies in knowing what is the objective of having the
starter on Openswan. Is it just for parsing configuration? Openswan
shell scripts don't seem to work very well with busybox, or am I

Thanks in advance for clearing things out,

Thomás Alimena Del Grande

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