[Openswan dev] Dev Question - Reset SA Timers (Reeves, Phillip A.)

Vrabete, Brad brad.vrabete at intel.com
Fri Mar 6 02:19:47 EST 2009

Hi Phillip,

The "ip xfrm state update" command is able to force the expiration of a
security association. 

Unfortunately, the man page for ip command do not include the xfrm option.
But typing "ip xfrm state help" will give you more details about how tom use


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>   1. Dev Question - Reset SA Timers (Reeves, Phillip A.)
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>Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 09:18:42 -0600
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>Subject: [Openswan dev] Dev Question - Reset SA Timers
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>I'm in the middle of a NASA research project and lab 
>assessment of IPSec for use in space to ground communication. 
>I could use a little advise from the experts.
>A (perhaps) unique aspect of our space - ground communication 
>path is that there are predictable periods of 1-way comm where 
>only the forward link or return link is available. During 
>these periods we must continue to communicate over whichever 
>direction is available. One example would be to continue the 
>return link flow of health and status data to the ground when 
>the forward link is unavailable.
>During an earlier phase of this study we demonstrated that 
>manual keying provides one approach for dealing with periods 
>of 1-way comm. Existing manual keyed SAs continue to flow and 
>new ones can initiate provided they match a defined transform 
>set. These SAs never expire. But there are well known 
>limitations to manual keying that we hope to avoid.
>IKE-based keying is a goal of the study and there is an aspect 
>where your expertise and advise would be appreciated. We think 
>we know that existing IKE-based SAs will continue to allow 
>data to flow over 1-way links until the associated SA expires. 
>Our current goal is to develop a command that will allow all 
>SAs to reset their expiration timers before the start of a 
>1-way comm period. We've been looking over the Openswan source 
>considering various ways this could be done and have not 
>identified a good approach. I would appreciate any suggestions 
>you may have before I charge off on non-productive paths. 
>Thank you in advance for any assistance you are able to provide.
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