[Openswan dev] Software patch for using Cavium Nitrox XL hardware accelerator?

Ranjit dataplane at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 09:50:36 EST 2007

Dear developers at Openswan

Hi! I just joined this mailing list and this is my first post. Please bear 
with this newbie. At the risk of repeating a previously covered topic, I ask 
these questions:

1. Is there a software patch available for Openswan that integrates Cavium 
Nitrox XL SDK? Cavium has FreeS/WAN patch readily available.

2. If not, how much from the patches for FreeS/WAN can be used as-is with 
Openswan? I am trying to avoid as much manual integration as possible.

Thanks in anticipation of a reply!


p.s.: there are more than 5 years worth of mailing list archives. Google scan 
through that did not yield any relevant information.

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