[Openswan dev] IPsec HW Offload Engine support

remy.gauguey at mindspeed.com remy.gauguey at mindspeed.com
Mon May 29 18:49:50 CEST 2006


I'm currently working on a CPE SoC based on ARM11 with an IPSec offload 
This engine performs crypto operations (cipher + digest) but also ESP/AH 
protocols offload (ESP/AH header and trailer insertion, IPv4 (only) header 
This engine manages SA database, with TTL and anti-replay checks.
I'm currently working on the integration of this HW accelerator into the 
26sec (based on a patch written for 3Com crypto NICs : 
http://oss.sgi.com/archives/netdev/2005-01/msg00360.html ), but I would 
like to know how feasible would it be to integrate such a IPSec Offload 
Engine into OpenSwan KLIPS architecture.
It sounds like to me the IPsecX interface would allow to do this easier 
than on 26sec...

Any ideas or comments are welcome

Thanks a lot

Remy Gauguey
System Engineer
MINDSPEED Technologies

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