[Openswan dev] Enable to see a distant device on Internet with a local IP adress

Patrice Tcherkezian patrice.tcherkezian at noven.fr
Sat Jun 17 01:21:36 CEST 2006


I'm not very good in TCP/IP, so I'm sorry if my questions aren't very

This is my problem :

I've got an wifi access controller in an Hotel for example. It's connected
to Internet with an ADSL Router and the IP adress of the ISP is a dynamic IP

This access control has to connect to my radius installed in my NOC. I
create a VPN between the access controller and my NOC with Openswan IPSEC.

But, I want to have a monitoring of my AC with Nagios installed in my NOC
too. And Nagios needs the Access Controller to have a known static IP
Adress. (My Radius needs the same thing too)

How can I do ? Because, with my VPN, I suppose that the Access Controller is
always seen from my NOC with its dynamic IP adress of the ISP.

Is it possible to make a local network with private IP adresses between an
Access Controller and a NOC separated by the Internet network.

I hope you understand my question.

Thank you for your help


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