[Openswan dev]

Ankit Desai ankit at elitecore.com
Thu Feb 16 11:29:17 CET 2006

> Oh, so the *purpose* of _grab() and _ungrab() is to take and release the
> lock.
> If you remove that, then there is no point.
yes as i said i just tried to remove the recursion in code. Other than that
as i understand the two functions ensures that the task is performed

> In my copy of the code, I do not agree that pfkey_remove_socket() is
> called with a lock.

pfkey_release takes lock "write_lock_bh(&pfkey_sock_lock)" and then calls
which in turn calls " pfkey_remove_socket(sk)", that is what i meant by
pfkey_remove_socket is called after taking lock.

so the best i could think was to implement the lock before
pfkey_insert_socket and remove the locking unlocking from of_grab() and
Best would be to remove locking before remove_socket is called but i am very
much a newbie to understand the complexity and implications of that.

-- Ankit Desai

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