[Openswan dev] FW: Odd kernel panic error, IPtables and IPSEC

Gary W. Smith gary at primeexalia.com
Mon Apr 11 10:18:52 CEST 2005

I found a suse patch for the kernel that seems to have fixed the deallock issue for RHEL4.  I also submitted a bug request to RH as well as the possible patch.  I have since then tested it and it's working fine now. 


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Subject: Re: [Openswan dev] FW: Odd kernel panic error, IPtables and IPSEC

Gary W. Smith <gary at primeexalia.com> wrote:
> This was hacked from an email I originally sent to the netfiler.org
> list.  I patched the kernel and it seemed to have something to do with
> that but then I rebuilt the machine (a whole 15 minute process) and then
> tried again and it did the same thing with the stock kernel.  This is
> RHEL 4, running Linux Openswan U2.3.1dr3/K2.6.9-5.EL.6 (netkey).  I

You should report vendor kernel problems to the vendor.

> /upv4/xfrm4_output.c:108 spin_lock /net/sfrm/xfrm_state.c:dfebba14
> already locked by net/ipv4/sfrm4_output.c/108.

This looks like the IPsec/PMTU/ICMP dead-lock that was fixed in

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