[Openswan dev] Phase 2 Negotiation Reliability

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ottawa.on.ca
Sat Sep 18 15:16:25 CEST 2004


>>>>> "Herbert" == Herbert Xu <herbert at gondor.apana.org.au> writes:
    >> I think that this is a good patch in general.  Did you just
    >> increase MAXIMUM_RETRANSMISSIONS in include/pluto_constants.h?

    Herbert> Here is the patch.

    >> I'm thinking that the state structure should have a maximum
    >> field, which could be initialized to different values.
    >> Do you think this useful in general?  I.e. there are states when
    >> we want to try harder?

    Herbert> Well in my case I only need a global setting.  The reason
    Herbert> is that what I've got is a VPN server that only responds to
    Herbert> incoming connections.  The problem occurs when there is a
    Herbert> large wave of incoming connections.  So having a per-state
    Herbert> setting isn't useful for me.

  per-state would permit it to be different for quick_I1 vs main_R3, etc.
  I don't think it would be interesting on a per-connection basis.
  Note you can also make the value infinite by setting retries=0. I
think that this would work for the a responding only system.

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