[Openswan dev] 2.6 KLIPS support?

Nate Carlson natecars at natecarlson.com
Thu May 13 16:08:42 CEST 2004

On Thu, 13 May 2004, Ken Bantoft wrote:
> Btw, http://www.openswan.org/development/roadmap.php has a usually
> up-to-date (having said that, I need to update it) roadmap.

Ah, cool - thanks.

> I'm curious as to why people all of a sudden want KLIPS, when everyone
> used to complain about how much it 'sucked' compared to XYZ
> implementation.

I, for one, have always wanted Klips. I really miss having the ipsecX
interface when using the 26sec stack. Just ask Paul - I've whined to him
enough about it.  :) Of course, as I am not one of the complainers about
klips, so I can't answer for those people.

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