[Openswan dev] HELP!! URGENT. openswan compilation

pi list at wehowski.com
Fri Mar 12 17:44:01 CET 2004


- downloadind a brand new kernel 2.4.25 from kernel.org
- compiling the kernel
- and succesfully boot on it

I downloaded openswan 1.0.1, untar installed it in /usr/src

but when I launch make menugo (I used make menuconfig for the kernel)
I have an error message with the following content in out.kpatch

Fri Mar 12 13:05:50 CET 2004 /usr/src/linux
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/openswan-1.0.1'
* applying klips/patches2.2/Doc.Configure.help to 
* applying klips/patches2.3/net.Config.in to /usr/src/linux/net/Config.in... 

* /usr/src/linux/net/Config.in patch failed, restoring original
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/openswan-1.0.1'

Can someone help ?

I already have done a make mrproper while compiling the kernel


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