[Openswan dev] Debian package of Openswan

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Tue Mar 2 13:53:41 CET 2004

On Tue, 2 Mar 2004, Rene Mayrhofer wrote:

> I think I'll wait a few days - could you drop me a line when the KLIPS 
> parts is expected to work with 2.6 kernels ?

> > Also be aware setkey is needed for openswan to work with the 2.6 native stack.
> That's the same for freeswan. Is openswan currently expected to work out 
> of the box with a recent 2.6 kernel ? freeswan has some hangups with 2.6.3.

I've fixed some scripting issues in the last two weeks. I had crashers all the
way upto 2.6.3rc1. I haven't tried 2.6.3. Currently, openswan-2 (cvs) should work
better with the 2.6 kernel then freeswan-2.05.

If you have some hangups with either freeswan or openswan, I would very much like
to hear the details (through mail or the dev at openswan.org list)


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