[Openswan dev] Arkoon starter app for Openswan 1.0.2

Mathieu Lafon mlafon at arkoon.net
Thu Apr 15 11:04:14 CEST 2004

Ken Bantoft <ken at xelerance.com> a écrit le 15/04/2004 06:12:58 :

> Hi Mathieu,
> mcr merged his 2.x version (for FreeS/WAN 2.x) into Openswan 2.x CVS, 
> I've subsequently done some work to get it building.  We did some 
> to pluto to make this much easier (mcr made whacklib, a library for 
> whack routines), so it's a fair deviation from the 0.2 starter code.
> It probably doesn't work yet, and doesn't have all of the config 
> parameters supported yet but it's at a point where folks can easily hack 

> on it, and it's part of the nightly build process + install process - 
> integration.  It's our intent to use this as the default for 2.3.0 (or 
> even 2.2.) provided it gets finished up in time.
> I'd also be happy to pop 0.3(?) into Openswan 1.x as well, if you've got 
> version ready for release - there is an Openswan 1.0.4 in the queue.

I have made some code-cleanup, added %direct keyword support and released
Openswan starter 0.3 (for Openswan 1.0.x).

Available at:

    3304dc06328918264bfd61f59b57c3a1  openswan-starter-0.3.tar.gz

Mathieu Lafon - Arkoon Network Security

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