[Openswan dev] Complete system crash if modular IPSEC is unloaded

Joshua Jackson jjackson at vortech.net
Fri Apr 9 07:20:31 CEST 2004

I have started experimenting with openswan 1.0.2 and have a run into a bit of 
a snag. If the ipsec module is rmmod'ed, the entire system crashes with no 
debug output or additional logging messages.

The kernel locks hard enough that the software watchdog module will not reboot 
it and there is no response from the console or network.

Any thoughts or things I should look for would be helpful.

As a side note, I just ran into this for the first time after noticing that 
the ALG modules will not be installed if klips is compiled directly into the 
kernel (the way I usually build the kernel for my embedded Linux product). If 
I try to build the ALG modules into the kernel, the build fails with an 
enormous list of errors.

Joshua Jackson
Vortech Consulting

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