[Announce] xl2tpd-1.1.08 released

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Fri Feb 23 13:08:14 EST 2007

Xelerance releases xl2tpd-1.1.08

This release is a bugfix release. It fixes the xl2tpd hangs people were
experiencing when using bugg pppd's.

As usual, xl2tpd can be obtained via ftp or http from our servers, and
should appear in your favourite Linux distribution shortly.


* Confirmed pppd bug of not always terminating on SIGTERM. The new define
  TRUST_PPPD_TO_DIE determins whether we send SIGTERM or SIGKILL, with
  SIGKILL being the (new) default. (ppp-2.4.2-6.4.RHEL4 is known to be

* Fix for unaligned header field accesses crashes on RISC by Dave S. Miller
  (# 735)
* Added and enabled pppd debugging code to assist locating a serious
  xl2tpd infinite loop when pppd does not die after a SIGTERM.
* Complete support for pppol2tp's kernel mode L2TP. Patch by Cedric
* Make spec file Fedora Extras compliant
* Added pppol2tp-linux-2.4.27.patch to contrib/
* Pidfile fixes (by Tuomo)
* Fix creation of pid file if /var/run/xl2tpd does not exist.
* Fix compile without SANITY defined (Charlie Brady <charlieb at moodindigo.ca>)
* Fix configuration filename for the ppp options file (#725 by Tuomo)
* Fixes to compile with all DEBUG_* statements enabled
* Documented all DEBUG_* statements in Makefile

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