[Openswan Users] Connecting IBM z to Linux over a WAN

Tony Innes tony at innes.org
Mon Nov 20 11:10:09 UTC 2023


What I want to do is start a program on Linux that opens a SOCKET and listens. On the IBM z/OS system I want to run a program that CONNECTS to the listening SOCKET and then starts communicating via this socket.

On the Linux system I can ping the IBM z/OS system, but on the IBM z/OS system a ping to the Linux system times out.

On the IBM z/OS side I have an IP address of  on the Linux side I have an IP of I gave tried changing the Linux IP address to but still the same problem, cannot ping from IBM z/OS.

How do I and or what do I need to configure to get theses systems connected via IP.

Any help and advice would be more that welcome.



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