[Openswan Users] OpensWan - both Tunnels UP but traffic flow only from 1 tunnel

Samir Hussain shussain at xelerance.com
Sat Aug 4 21:34:06 EDT 2018


On 2018-08-04 03:18 AM, Gaston Menarvino wrote:
> Hello, I have currently two tunnels, both are UP but traffic only flow 
> in one of them, If I disable the other , then traffic flow well to the 
> other one, but always 1 tunnel is passing traffic both directions.
> It looks like the second tunnel receive traffic because I run tcpdump 
> and I can see the icmp request from the other side but I cannot find the 
> way to route the traffic back.

   What version of Openswan are you using? You can determine it by 
running: sudo ipsec --version

   Also, can you please provide your ipsec.conf ?


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